Accounting Basics Lessson 3.2

Does Debit Always Mean Increase and Credit Always Mean Decrease?  Why Go Through All the Hassle of Using Double-Entry Accounting?

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  1. Aboubacar Toure

    Thanks a lot, I was really having trouble with my accounting class, but now with the help of your videos, accounting is becoming clearer

  2. Janaka Managai

    I really have learnt a lot of basic knowledge of accounting so far from your videos, as I want to start a small business I will want to learn more hope fully you will have more videos and tips to do my accounting with a good understanding. Thank you so far for clear lesson

  3. Beira

    Love your videos!! So easy to understand! Finally someone who gives great examples and enough information to understand accounting! thank you!!!!

  4. L. Smith

    Thank you for this teaching.!!!! I didn’t learn any of this stuff in school and now going to college am now with your help learning what I should have had then. Even though you go slow I am glad because some of this can be like French and not knowing what is what.
    So keep on!!!! am very glad I found your web sight. To tell you how far behind I am, I have now been on the computer one year and most of that has been because of the college courses. Ah the advancement of science. Yes, I am old but not to late. Thanks again.
    L. Smith

  5. Ram Thapa

    Thank you very much for great teaching style and understandable and it great help for me.
    Thanks Mr. Daniel for yours cotrubution.

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    Thanks A Lot Mr. Dickson,
    Your explanation is very clear and very easy to comprehend. Keep up the good work.

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