Accounting Basics Lesson 7

What is Inventory?  How Do You Record the Purchase of Inventory On Account?  How Do You Record the Purchase of Inventory with a Debit Card?  What is an Inventory Control System?

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  1. maggie

    could u put some question sheet and answer for us? then we can practise, and to know how well we achieved

  2. Chad Farr

    I just had to tell you thank you so very much. I am a visually impaired student and I’ve been struggling with this material until I found your videos. The way you dictate what you are preforming and how it works has helped me to understand so much. I can not thank you enough for these videos. I have told everyone I come in contact with including my classmates about your site. You are a blessing God Bless you Sir!

  3. Maximo

    I was requested to develop an accounting module for small and medium business ERP system without previous knowledge in accounting
    your explanation was direct to the point
    I could complete the job within a month

    Good Job Daniel

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    Thank you very much for this tutorial .I study accounting in UK but nobody explained to me certain concepts that good as you.

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