Welcome to FreeAccountingSchool.com.  On this website, certified public accountant (CPA) Daniel C. Dickson will teach you the basics of accounting through free online videos – no strings attached.  Whether you are a newbie or want to re-learn forgotten accounting, you have come to the right place.

Daniel Dickson is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) working at Greenbridge CPA in the Tacoma / Seattle Area of Washington State (U.S.A.).

Click Titles Below to Watch Daniel Dickson’s Videos on Accounting Basics:

Accounting Basics Lesson 1 Part 1: (click here to view video)

  • Five Ways Learning Accounting Can Make You Money
  • Three Keys to a Great Accounting Career

Accounting Basics Lesson 1 Part 2: (click here to view video)

  • Three Secrets to Learning Accounting Quickly
  • Bonus Tip #1: How to Learn Math & Science Quickly
  • Bonus Tip #2: How to Learn Computer Programs Quickly and Affordably.

Accounting Basics Lesson 2: (click here to view video)

  • What is Double-Entry Accounting?
  • What is Single-Entry Accounting?
  • The Awesome History of Double-Entry Accounting.

Accounting Basics Lesson 3.1: (click here to view video)

  • How Does Double-Entry Accounting Work?
  • What is An Account
  • Review of Real-life Double-Entry Journal Entry.
  • What are Debits and Credits?

Accounting Basics Lesson 3.2: (click here to view video)

  • Does Debit Always Mean Increase and Credit Always Mean Decrease?
  • What are the Abbreviations for Debit and Credit?
  • Why go through all the hassle of using Double-Entry Accounting?

Accounting Basics Lesson 4: (click here to view video)

  • What are the Three Main Categories of Accounting Accounts?
  • What is an Asset?
  • What are Asset Accounts?
  • What is a Liability?
  • What are Liability Accounts?
  • What is Accounts Payable?
  • What is Owner’s Equity?
  • What are Owner’s Equity Accounts?

Accounting Basics Lesson 4 Revisited – lesson 4 part 2: (click here to view video)

  • More Accounting Basics
  • Accounting Accounts
  • What trips up the most accounting students?
  • Owners Equity further explained
  • More Accounting basic examples

Accounting Basics Lesson 5:  (click here to view video)

  • What are Revenue Accounts?
  • What are Expense Accounts?
  • If You Want to Record an Increase to an Account, How Do I Know Whether to Make a Debit or a Credit?

Accounting Basics Lesson 6: (click here to view video)

  • What is the Basic Accounting Equation?
  • Where Does Owner’s Equity Come From?

Accounting Basics Lesson 7:  (click here to view video)

  • What is Inventory?
  • How Do You Record the Purchase of Inventory On Account Using Double-Entry Accounting?
  • How Do You Record the Purchase of Inventory With a Debit Card Using Double-Entry Accounting?
  • Do Most Busineses with Inventory Have More than One Inventory Account?
  • What is an Inventory Control System

Accounting Basics Lesson 8: (click here to view video)

  • How Do You Record the Sale of a Product Using Double-Entry Accounting?
  • What is Revenue?
  • What is Sales Revenue?
  • What is a Sales Revenue Account?
  • What is a Cost of Goods Sold Account?

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